Arrival – Saturday 10/8/16

After a smooth flight, our group landed in Paris, passed through a long line for a security and passport check, and boarded the flight to Berlin with just minutes to spare. Upon arrival, our jet-lagged group managed to retrieve our bags, navigate the bus and Unterbahnhof (underground) system, and arrive at the Best Western Spittelmarkt Hotel.
After a brief break to unpack and refresh ourselves, we took a practice walk to the conference site. We followed this with a walking tour of our general area in Mitte (City Center).
Impromptu map-reading exercise while on our walk. Can you spot at least 5 people holding/studying maps? (Note Soviet-era TV Tower in background.)

We walked along the Spree River and Landwehr Canal, admired the Berlin Dome, passed a park where at least three weddings were taking place (in the drizzle), browsed an outdoor art market, and found a restaurant that featured traditional German dishes (along with other options for those not up for schnitzel and sauerkraut). On our walk back to the hotel we enjoyed glimpses of Berlin’s “Festival of Lights,” an annual event when the city center’s  sights and monuments become the canvas for spectacular light and video projections.After a sleepy meeting to plan our first day at the World Health Summit, we went to bed at around 8:00 pm.


One thought on “Arrival – Saturday 10/8/16

  1. Impressive, not a minute wasted. It seems like you are to a good start. Walking around in Europe has its charm, a lot of history. Please keep the posts coming.


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