Monday, 10/10/16–WHS Day 2

Becca: On the second day during lunch, about ten different startup companies participated in the finals of an innovation competition. The winner received a grant from World Health Summit to fund their project. We got the opportunity to see three-minute long presentations from each company, and gained an understanding of what makes the best presentation.


Ones we found to be especially impressive were: a skin-healing technology that within a minute closed up wounds that otherwise would not heal (Cold Plasmatech ), a tool that could detect malaria through an easy-to-use blood sampler (midge medical UG, an ultrasound connected to a phone app (winsenga, and the winner, a phone game that monitors breathing through heart rate to help asthma patients (iFeel Healthy We had a great time viewing all of the presentations, and though we each had our favorites, the company that won was definitely a great organization. 

Isabel: Overall the experience for me at WHS 2026 was an incredible one. I learned so many new things that I would have otherwise never been exposed to. I also was able to network with people from all over the world.  My absolute favorite person from the conference was someone named Smart, and yes he was smart!  The sessions all were equally amazing, but looking back through my notes one of the top ones would have to be the session on mental health. One of the presenters was actually a film maker awho made a short film known as Breaking the Chains. The film was about the practice of pasung in Indonesia, which refers to herbal and spiritual ways to “cure” mental disease that also involves chaining and isolating the “patients” for long periods of time. This summer I had the experience of being able to work in a hospital in Boston and experiencing first hand mental illness through patients. The movie really hit home with me and has inspired me to  be more of an advocate in mental health. I did however just in general love the conference and experience as a whole!

Scene from “Breaking the Chains”

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